Maxthon Portable

The portable version of this well-known web browser arrives


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Maxthon is a tabbed web browser that uses Internet Explorer as its graphic engine to render the pages, although it also improves and extends many of the qualities of the Microsoft application. To the tabbed browsing are added other interesting features, such as the ability to perform commands with mouse gestures, accelerate the page display with Maxthon Smart Acceleration, and eliminate those annoying banners thanks to Ad Hunter.

Remembering a URL is not a problem with Maxthon, because it lets you create what's known as a URL Alias: you give whatever name you like to a webpage and then access it using the nickname you've chosen. With Maxthon you'll no longer have to waste time filling out forms, since it has an autocomplete tool called Magic Fill that can recognize almost all such fields. Maxthon also has an integrated RSS reader.

But wait, there's more. Maxthon has been developed using antifreeze technology that keeps the browser from freezing when AJAX code or Javascript is being executed. Screenshots, Super Drag & Drop, and an online favorites service are other interesting tidbits that come with Maxthon.

Besides a very elegant new interface, this version incorporates a cloud service called Maxthon Passport, with which you can sync various devices or link it to the downloads manager to upload downloaded files. All this can be accessed via the new sidebar, which also includes the RSS reader and a notepad, meaning you have basically everything you could ask for in a single app.
By Álvaro Toledo
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